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  • Tim Brooke-Webb

    Tim Brooke-Webb

    Managing Director

    Tim is the Managing Director of 50 Best at William Reed. He has had overall responsibility for 50 Best since 2009, overseeing a decade of key brand developments, including the launches of Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants and Latin America’s 50 Best Restaurants in 2013, the start of 50 Best's global tour in 2016, the acquisition of The World's 50 Best Bars in 2017, the launch of Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2018, and the more recent additions of 50 Best Discovery, Middle East & North Africa's 50 Best Restaurants, and North America's 50 Best Bars to the 50 Best portfolio.

  • William Drew

    William Drew

    Director of Content - Restaurants

    William is the Director of Content of 50 Best. He has been a journalist and editor for two decades, spanning business-to-business and consumer magazines, as well as national newspapers. He is a former editor of style magazine Arena and continues to write and comment on food and restaurants in the UK and international media. He is privileged to have eaten in a healthy proportion of The World's 50 Best Restaurants, though the experience hasn’t been so healthy for his waistline.

  • Rikki Tidball

    Rikki Tidball

    Operations Director

    After nine years helping to organise The World’s 50 Best Restaurants awards, since 2019 Rikki has been heading up the operations team full-time to manage the global 50 Best events programmes. A long-serving member of the William Reed team, she previously worked on business events across the portfolio, from the UK's National Restaurant Awards and Publican Awards to international study tours in Copenhagen, Cannes and Chicago. Fun-loving but ferociously well-organised, Rikki has a passion for all things logistics- and operations-focused.

  • Roger Betriu

    Roger Betriu

    Group Partnerships Director

    Roger joined the 50 Best portfolio after The World’s 50 Best Bars became part of William Reed Business Media in 2017. Roger was the Commercial Director for hospitality, the wine and spirits magazine and events at Drinks International. He has over 10 years of experience in marketing and sales in the publishing sector and played a key role in the creation of The World’s 50 Best Bars brand. Originally from Barcelona, he has previously held roles in the aviation, hospitality and drink sectors.

  • Jo Wattar

    Jo Wattar

    Digital Development Director

    Jo joined 50 Best in 2022 as Digital Development Director. She brings to the role 14 years’ experience within William Reed’s UK hospitality division, where she led the brand's portfolio of magazines, websites and events as publisher of Restaurant magazine, including the National Restaurant Awards. When not in front of a screen, she can be found out and about with her family and friends and doing her best to tick as many restaurants and bars off her (never-ending) wish list.

  • Mark Sansom

    Mark Sansom

    Director of Content - Bars

    Mark joined the team in April 2019 after five years as Editor of Food and Travel, the world’s leading gastronomic tourism magazine. Before that, he was Food and Drink Editor on Men’s Health and News Editor at London’s Squaremeal. When not eating out in the name of good and proper research, he hits golf balls along the floor and cricket balls in the air.

  • Joanna Burton

    Joanna Burton

    Group Operations Manager

    Bringing with her 15 years of experience delivering a variety of programmes from intimate gin tastings to large-scale consumer experiences, Joanna leads the operations team with a focus on numbers and a keen eye for detail. Holding her signature clipboard and coffee, she is equally at home building 140ft ski jumps and arranging exclusive dinners. Outside of working hours, Joanna enjoys exploring the UK with her family and dog piled into a camper van, often with a foodie destination in mind.

  • Clelia Di Casola

    Clelia Di Casola

    Group Marketing Manager

    Clelia joined the team in 2021 as Group Marketing Manager, ready to take the reins on 50 Best events around the world. Over the last 12 years, her hospitality experience has spanned marketing, project management, business development and restaurant operations. Clelia has worked to create and nurture successful F&B brands, defined by quality and consistency. Her passions are dining, hospitality and the community and culture that surrounds them.

  • Erica Schecter

    Erica Schecter

    PR & Communications Manager

    Erica joined the team in 2021 as PR & Communications Manager for 50 Best. Holding a decade of public relations agency experience, she has worked with a range of hospitality clients from small independent venues to large restaurant groups, hotels and chef personalities, always with a strong focus on F&B. Having worked in both New York and London, Erica has developed and implemented successful global communications strategies and holds extensive international media contacts.

  • Giulia Sgarbi

    Giulia Sgarbi

    Content Editor

    A member of the 50 Best team since 2017, Giulia studied communications in Italy, Spain and the UK, then started her editorial career writing hotel reviews in London. As Content Editor, she looks after the suite of 50 Best websites, manages the content calendar for the brand's digital platforms and curates live events such as the #50BestTalks thought-leadership series. A keen volleyball player, Giulia speaks three languages and equally loves writing, travelling and eating.

  • Persia Samandi

    Persia Samandi

    Social Media Manager

    Persia joined #Team50Best in 2018 and is responsible for managing its ever-growing social media landscape. With help from Millie, Alex and Clara, she ensures the brand’s channels are packed with engaging content for food and drink aficionados across the globe whilst maintaining relationships with the wider 50 Best community, including the TasteHunters and Academy Chairs. In her spare time, you’ll find her exploring foodie spots and sipping on cocktails around the globe, getting creative in the kitchen or simply scrolling through her Instagram on the lookout for the latest gourmet news. Be sure to check out #Worlds50Best#50BestBars & #50BestDiscovery.

  • James Andrews

    James Andrews

    Partnerships Manager

    James joined 50 Best in 2019 to combine his extensive sponsorship sales experience and his passion for the food world. He began his media career at Euromoney, where he worked as Publisher and Sponsorship Sales Manager. Prior to this, James lived in Beijing for three years, where he studied Mandarin, taught English to children and worked as a Curriculum Developer for an English language training school. James is a keen globe trotter – he’s now been to 61 countries and is looking forward to visiting the remaining 134 – and food discoverer.

  • Romy Newman

    Romy Newman

    Partnerships Manager

    Romy joined the team in 2019 as Partnerships Account Manager for The World's 50 Best Bars. With a background in the luxury events market across Europe, she has worked in brand development on a global scale. Her experience includes curating unique experiences in the F&B sector, album launches, fashion events and International charity galas. Being raised on a humble fruit farm in South Africa not only shaped her ‘can do’ attitude, but also fuelled her passion for adventure and hospitality experiences.

  • Holly Mills

    Holly Mills

    Partnerships Manager

    Holly is the newest member of the 50 Best partnerships team, joining in 2023 to head up the commercial side for the exciting launch of The World’s 50 Best Hotels. She brings with her 15 years of experience from the world of exhibitions and conferences across a diverse range of industries, including jewellery, materials, wellbeing and most recently hospitality, where her love of travel and good food developed into a passion for the industry. Holly’s other big passion is interior design, which she has been busy putting into practice over the last few years renovating her family home.

  • Kate Ransley

    Kate Ransley

    Senior Account Manager (parental leave)

    Kate is responsible for The World’s 50 Best Restaurants partnerships portfolio. She joined the 50 Best team in 2017, having enjoyed a successful career in sales and sponsorship in the UK and overseas, including two years in New Zealand. Kate holds an ESA Diploma in Sponsorship, allowing her to help 50 Best’s partners leverage their campaigns according to industry best practice. She has travelled the globe, making sure to indulge her love of local cuisine along the way.

  • Imogen Taylor

    Imogen Taylor

    Senior Event Manager

    Imogen joined the 50 Best team in 2021 to work across the 50 Best portfolio as Event Manager. She brings to the role her experience working as a theatrical stage manager in New York and has a strong background in producing large-scale, public-facing events in London. With a keen eye for artistic detail, Imogen brings her creative flare to 50 Best's international events portfolio. In her free time, you’ll find her busy running a side hustle – a small loungewear company –, swimming in the sea or cooking.

  • Kiki Hopkins

    Kiki Hopkins

    Multimedia Producer

    Kiki joined the 50 Best Team in September 2022, having worked as Channel Producer for the Wine and Food TV Channel run by 67 Pall Mall. She joins the team to create and produce exciting video content for the 50 Best Brands, bringing her production, presenting and management experience from working across Europe and Africa. She is a huge Formula 1 fan, loves documentaries and is passionate about great food and wine.

  • Florence DeCarteret

    Florence DeCarteret

    Associate Event Manager

    Florence – or Flo as she’s known within the team – is one of 50 Best’s Associate Event Manager, dedicated to delivering the brand’s portfolio of global events. After studying marketing and fashion at university, she joined the William Reed hospitality team working on UK food and drinks events such as Publican Awards, Top 50 Gastropubs and Top 50 Cocktail Bars. In her free time, she volunteers to support mental health in the company and beyond, or looks out for the latest fashion items online.

  • Ingrid Paredes

    Ingrid Paredes

    Content Creator

    Ingrid joined the team in April 2023 as Content Creator, joining her passions for food and writing. She grew up in the Dominican Republic, where she studied and started her career working as a ghost-writer, journalist and radio host. Over the last eight years, she has been working in communications and marketing, exploring different industries and brands across three countries. An enthusiastic traveller and foodie, she loves exploring new cities, flavours and cultures. When she’s not writing in the office, she is writing poetry at home, on the beach or on a plane.

  • Hannah Riches

    Hannah Riches

    Senior Event Executive

    As one of 50 Best’s event executives, Hannah is part of the team that weaves together unforgettable experiences for chefs, bartenders, media, partners and consumers. Following a degree in television and broadcasting, she briefly worked in the financial services industry before joining the 50 Best team in 2021, where her love of food and travel get a chance to shine. Passionate about good movies and TV shows, Hannah has already been on a round-the-world trip and enjoys a relaxing yoga session in her free time.

  • Alex Groce

    Alex Groce

    Senior Social Media Executive

    Alex joined the 50 Best Team in May 2023, and has since been assisting the social team with content creation and campaign execution for all aspects of 50 Best. An enthusiastic traveller, she is originally from the U.S., but now lives in London and loves to spend her time exploring the U.K. and the world. With a passion for the bar and restaurant scene, you can usually find her trying the latest food stall or supper club she’s come across. When not exploring and eating, she likes to play video games or watch films curled up on the sofa, with a hot mug of tea in hand.

  • Millie Naylor

    Millie Naylor

    Social Media Executive

    Since joining the 50 Best team in June 2021, Millie has been creating content as well as playing a key role in the growth, development and maintenance of all things social in the 50 Best portfolio. Millie grew up in the Middle East and loves travelling, learning about new cultures and checking out street food and markets around the globe. She is a passionate foodie and cocktail lover who is social media savvy, always striving to stay on top of the latest trends. In her free time, you’ll find her trying new recipes in the kitchen or hitting the slopes: she loves to ski, her favourite location being Kitzbuhel, Austria.

  • Clara Reitze

    Clara Reitze

    Social and Multimedia Executive

    Clara joined 50 Best in June 2022 as part of the social media team, helping Persia and Millie grow the brand’s accounts by creating engaging content, monitoring the online community and covering live events. A member of William Reed since 2019, she left a role in marketing to pursue her burning passion for food and drink. Clara is always on the look-out for the next city break to discover the newest cocktail bars and restaurants, which she posts about on her Instagram review account. In her free time, you might find her relaxing on the yoga mat, chilling in local coffee shops or hunting for the best margarita in town.

  • Dhruv Arora

    Dhruv Arora

    Marketing Executive

    A marketing professional specialised in events and hospitality, Dhruv joined the 50 Best team in June 2023. A recipient of India's Young Mind Award, he is passionate about creating impactful marketing strategies that drive engagement and elevate brand presence. Combining his expertise in the field with a love for cooking and travelling, he finds inspiration in the culinary world and its diverse cultures while exploring new flavours and destinations.

  • Josh Ong

    Josh Ong

    Content Assistant

    Josh joined the 50 Best Team in August 2022 to help with content creation for the 50 Best website and events, with a focus on the bars brands and 50 Best Discovery. Prior to joining 50 Best, he worked at Insider on lifestyle content and gained experience at food magazines while studying for an MA in Magazine Journalism at Cardiff University. Food, drink and travel have always been his major passions, and he spends most of his time in his kitchen or eating his way around cities.

  • Sherita Tuntirattanasoontorn

    Sherita Tuntirattanasoontorn

    PR Account Executive

    A member of the team since September 2022, Sherita was a marketer prior to becoming 50 Best’s PR Executive, supporting Erica across the company portfolio. The author of a paper on communicating sustainability through ethical restaurant practices, she’s a food enthusiast who can talk endlessly about a simple dish or her new favourite restaurant. Having grown up in Bangkok, she had the chance to closely observe the evolution of the city’s bustling food scene – but also spent a few years in France and a good amount of time travelling the world, tasting and discovering new cuisines.

  • Robert Proctor

    Robert Proctor

    WRBM Company Secretary and General Counsel

    +44 (0) 1293 610401

  • Vincent Renaud

    Vincent Renaud

    Data Protection Officer

    +44 (0)1293 610444