What Everybody Should Know – About How To Turn Your Water Off In An Emergency

“Save Up to 50% or More on Your Home Electric Bill Almost for Free!” (Of course, you have done all of that, haven’t you?) You should see a substantial reduction in your monthly energy bill the next time around.

The brushless DC motors are some of the most efficient on the market. Since they are brushless, there is never a need to remove them from the well to change the brushes. These motors are rated for tens of thousands of hours of operation without maintenance.

Little by little, other things came on line. We put in a toilet, installed a hot water tank and even bought a wind turbine. The turbine killed our inverter, so we upgraded to larger DR series inverter. We eventually bought a second inverter and my husband wired the inverters together so they would run the best submersible pump. We sold the turbine and bought two small solar panels. They were fun, but 150 watts of solar just doesn’t do much when powering a whole house. We killed a number of generators – a Chinese diesel, two 10KW military diesels, a 5KW military diesel and finally a little Honda 5KW.

Finally, you can also look for local contractors through your chamber of commerce or the BBB. These local organizations keep a detailed list of affiliated companies to search from.

One thing well pump for house that I love to do with my landscapes is to add a path. A nice worn down dirt path really leads the viewer into the art. The path itself is not alive, but it adds illusion that people have wandered upon it. Paths can be added to any season painting. If your painting is a winter scene, just add blue and or purple to the white snow to create instant shadows where the snow has been worn down.

These are the “Good ol’ days”. I learned to endure our hardships, because that is where memories are made and thankfulness is generated. Our first winter, we read the entire “Little House on the Prairie” series, “Swiss Family Robinson” and “Heidi” together as a family. Every evening we would snuggle under blankets, sip hot cocoa and I would read by lamplight. Those are the memories of a lifetime. With every improvement in our circumstances we had an opportunity to be truly grateful for things that most people take for granted. A toilet that flushed, a light switch that worked or a hot bath were true causes for celebration.

We built our shouse as a shop, and with no foresight into making it our home. We neglected to wire the shop for electricity, didn’t have drains installed or even the most basic plumbing. We had no windows in the main living areas, although we did have a window in our “bedroom” and one in the “bathroom”. I use the words bedroom and bathroom loosely because we had just one big room, with areas divided by groups of furniture and canvas painters drop cloths strung up as walls. We had no sheet rock on the walls, just insulation, no electrical wiring, no plumbing. To call it rustic would be an understatement.

UNICEF has reached 90 countries and provided clean water and sanitation facilities. Their goal by 2015 is to reduce the number of people who don’t have this basic resource by half.