Outsource Article Writing – A Comprehensive Guide To Outsourcing – Part 2

Are you a new freelance writer who’s worrying about the competition? Relax. To all intents and purposes, your only competition is with yourself. You’re unique, and so are your clients: you just need to find the perfect clients for YOU.

On the other hand, I favour the providers who clearly demonstrate that they’ve taken the time to read my My project description. Some of them provide a sample of previous work, which is excellent. A few have even gone as far as DOING part of my project as a sample, which is even better (but not essential for me).

For each potential VA you are still interested in, select a small task for them to do. Get a price quote, ask them about how they will complete the task, see if you communicate well with them, etc.

If you are like the average student in a website design program, you are a perfectionist about your work. You have a grand vision for every project, but especially for your baby, your website.

If you’re a completely new writer, many buyers will baulk at paying you anything up front; that’s fine, write anyway, you need the experience. But once you have writing credits, get a deposit.

At this stage, chances are that you won’t have accepted the project: no money has changed hands. Ask questions until you’re sure that you have sufficient information and resources and can complete the project in a timely manner.

Freelance writers write whatever their clients want them to write. As your career develops, you’ll realize that every single project is different. You may write a thousand brochures over time, but each one is different. You’re always facing the blank computer screen, and putting words on it, so you can be intimidated by this at first.

Do not only look for funding. Sometimes, it may be a grant for a school a program. Home Depot provides grants only in the form of tools, materials or services. Some grantors will state, “I will grant laptops.” If this is what you need, apply for it.