Online Music Promotion – 5 Killer Ideas For Promoting Your Music On The Web

Marketing music through snapshots? Sell music online by taking photographs? Meeting new fans with a click of the digital camera? It’s possible and actually happening RIGHT NOW.

What’s the point of making one if no one will see it? Your best bet is YouTube, of course. Although with the broadest reach, upload your videos to other video-sharing sites as well. When it comes to online music promotion and selling your songs, getting greedy with video-sharing is not frowned upon.

Keep your website current with show information and any promotional events. Many businesses are lazy about keeping current but this can be important for communication with your customers/fans.

Miley (much like Britney) has a great team of professionals behind her who came up with the genius idea of taking the fame she received from her Hannah Montana series and combining it with her real-life dream of being a singer. The success of Miley’s Best of Both Worlds Tour is a great indication of what happens when you market a young girl to the right crowd. A little bit of the real Miley Cyrus, combined with her character Hannah Montana gave fans the opportunity to get to know the real Miley Cyrus – who is now twice as famous as before.

E.B.:I honestly can’t think of anyone. I’ve performed with a lot of people in the past that I enjoyed working with, but where I am right now, I’m happy just playing with my band.

So being rich is providing your listeners with as much of your music as they want to listen to before they buy it. Now you don’t have to make all your tracks available for free download, but you can provide good quality, full-length streams that impress the listener and enhance your sound. Not tight-fisted snippets that lose the listener because they are lo-fi and over before they attract the listener’s interest.

Now you go to them and say you have an idea that if you all put in $300 a month, you could employ a music promotion company. This will help you play bigger and bigger shows and easily pay the costs.