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Once you have purchased the needed supplies you may want to think about buying some vehicle ramps to drive onto, you can buy some inexpensive plastic ramps for around $40. Or you can jack the vehicle up and use some jack stands. You will need a container to catch the oil, you can use an old larger size pot or pan, a cat litter box, or purchase a cheap oil catch pan. You will need a rag to clean off your hands and wipe off the oil pan when done, you can buy shop rags for around $1 or just use an old shirt. If you do not want to get any oil on your hands you can buy some rubber gloves from most auto stores.

This task requires working with larger vehicle and steel parts, it generally means that it is important to follow safety precautions. Anyone who is helping in this task must also be aware of the safety measures while installing the manifold.

Sounds of Wear Indicators – At times, the dust of brakes can be the reason behind some kind of sound or squeaking. This is a minor problem with the brake system and you can easy do without it by cleaning the dust. Using a brake cleaner spray is an easy way to do so.

Since I had previously set the engine at top dead center before removing the distributor, I have no trouble at all placing the distributor in and having the rotor button align with the mark on the casing. Had I not done this procedure, I may have found myself yanking on a wrench at the harmonic balancer trying the find a sweet spot that would allow the distributor to fall in at exactly the right spot. Sometimes experience and foresight can save you loads of trouble.

The best approach is to use your impact wrench to snug up the nuts. Then go back with a Best Torque Wrench Under 100 and tighten to the manufacturer specifications. Next time you are having your tires rotated or changed, make sure the mechanic uses a torque wrench and the correct torque. Having the proper tools makes all the difference and will extend the life of your car.

First of all, remove the negative cable from the battery. Before removing the fuel injector, it is also required to relieve the pressure from the fuel supply system. This can be done by removing the fuel pump fuse or relay, while the engine is in running condition. The engine will die out soon, consuming all the pressure inside the system. Remove also the vacuum hose from the fuel pressure regulator.

This year, motorcycle festivals are going to kick off all throughout the US. A ton of riders will be congregate for 1 week of celebration all sharing their adoration for bikes. You will hear many stories and building tricks to converse about with different mates while you ride the time in the rally. Make sure to drive safe and put on the required safety equipment like carbon fiber helmets. All the best and have a wonderful ride.