Mid-Life Career Planning: Dealing With A Bad Boss

“What’s this guy smokin’?” you’re probably thinking. Or maybe you think you have a good idea exactly what I am smoking. Now is the best of times for my career? Yeah, right.

Second, I got into a little “battle” on Facebook. I am a member of a group called HireFriday. They have taken on the noble task of allowing jobseekers additional exposure by posting their LinkedIn profiles on their site every…wait for it…Friday.

So breathe, and realize that you can do and be anything. As you feel yourself letting go of that nervous, negative energy, allow your mind to open up to new alternatives. Acknowledge your international coach federation situation; how did you get where you are today? Is it possible to recreate that process and go in an entirely new direction for yourself, your life? Of course it is. You did it before. You can do it again!

So Joe Carpet More refined doesn’t need SEO to make sure you attract my business. He must get listed with yelp or even citysearch. If you serve customer at a single city or geographic section, you’ll need to turn out to be listed in directories just like these too.

Keep makeup and hairstyles simple and classic. As with your clothing you don’t want your hair or how you did you makeup to be distracting to the interviewer. Opt for a subtle natural look.

You break work rules. You may be an achiever, you excel in everything you do, yet if you refuse to follow rules you will surely miss promotions and other recognition in your organisation. To succeed you need to follow the rules at work. Dress appropriately. Come to work on time. Never have an extended lunch break without proper permission. Successful workers are not just those who possess excellent skills but are those who respect company rules and abide with them.

This is the Big Kahuna. The Chief. The Big Guy. The Man. And yes, the real decision maker. This my friend, is show-time, this is make or break time, this is use all the knowledge you can muster.

Whatever approach you decide to take to find the right mentor for you, you should start towards that goal today. Set some reasonable expectations so that you won’t be wasting your mentor’s time. Once you find the ideal career coach you’ll be well on your way to advancing your career.