Make Your Own Hydrogen Generator For Your Car

Car battery, usually lead acid, is 12-volt with six 2 volt cells connected in series and Marine batteries, usually deep cycle are expensive items to replace. The main cause of the damage to lead acid batteries is when left sitting for any length of time.

Door dings, dents, and other blemishes are unavoidable, but can often be fixed easily. For example, small scratches on the body can usually be buffed out or covered with touch-up paint. Most auto parts retailers offer a number of products that you can use to repair the flaws.

One of the other ways to make money recycling is does reconditioning car batteries really work. There is a lot of money to be made here because often times you can get dead batteries for free, recondition them and resell them. It doesn’t cost very much to bring the batteries back to life. It is not hard to do, but can be messy and dangerous if you don’t know what you are doing.

The second step is to test the battery fluid itself using a hydrometer, (available from your local car repair or hardware store.) Just dip it into each fluid reservoir, and suck a sample of the fluid up into its reservoir. The bulb should float in the green area on its scale. What you should avoid here is getting any of the fluid on your skin or clothes, as it is acidic and may burn. Also, if non-sealed battery has a.030 (sometimes expressed as 30 “points”) or more difference in specific gravity reading between the lowest and highest cell, then you should equalize the battery using a battery electrolyte fluid solution additive. These additives are available on-line or from car parts stores.

Never make the navigator fall down or clash with stiff objects to protect it against any damage in appearance,battery loose,data lose or other hardware mutilation.

Here is a nice idea to find customers – agree with your local car repair shop to place a leaflet on their store that advertises your business. Agree to give them a cut of profits for any battery they sell for you or each time they refer someone.

This is the simplest car repair you can do and you can do it yourself or take it to any car repair shop and have them do it for you. It’s usually relatively cheap to have someone do it for you, and it’s a lot less hassle than doing it your self.