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Sometimes, the simplest solutions really are the best ones. This is definitely the case when it comes to making the most of the space that you have. By learning a few basic tricks, you can dramatically enhance your living space. Learn more about these techniques and strategies below.

Living in downtown Bangkok, there’s a larger choice of apartments and townhouses. From places costing 8,000 baht (around $280) a month to those in excess of 100,000 baht ($3,000 a month) there’s something for every budget.

Consider selling the property and applying the 1031 tax code, so no capital gains tax is imposed on the profits. To paraphrase, the code states that an owner can sell one property in exchange for a securitized piece of property or tenant in common piece of property. Roll the profits from one property into a new investment to increase wealth and maintain it.

Searching online for self storage is the best, and easiest, way to compare prices. A quick search will provide you with dozens of storage centers in the nearby area. However, do not just compare prices. Also look at the features and security measures the center provides. You might be able to find an incredibly cheap price but soon realize there are no surveillance cameras, individual entry codes, or security fences around the perimeter. You can’t just blindly trust any company to protect your belongings. Sadly, people do try to break into storage units so security features are highly important.

If you have a more modest entertainment budget, a DJ is an excellent option. A DJ’s music is always on key, and it’s exactly as you remember it. He/she has a much bigger song selection. He/she doesn’t take a 30-minute break every time the dance floor is just getting full. And — this is important — he/she can turn the volume down if it’s too loud for you.

Friendship is Magic Mystery Package: This option can bankrupt you if you live in a busy area, but if youre in an meikarta building or you know you will get less than 10 trick-or-treaters, it will be you hero.

Protecting your relationship from gremlins means protecting your relationship from your outer circle. Your love is a sanctuary, like a holy place, a sacred place and all emotion, whether it be love making or work or worry, must be subordinate to it.

Prioritise love. Prioritise love. Beyond love making, prioritise love, the sanctuary between you where no other news, no other soul, no noise, no disturbance, no problem or person can invade. Hold this space sacred, never release it. 24/7 this is the space where two lovers work, live and play. Sacred love can be so strong that there is no need to worship Gods and Goddess in temples or places of religion, love is god, and god is love, sacred love is that home and it exists in the heart of two warriors. To people who are ready to work for what they believe is possible. Sacred Love.