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You’ve seen the droppings. You’ve heard the scratching. And late one night, you saw its beady eyes staring you down when you went to the kitchen for a midnight snack. A rat’s taken up residence in your home and you want it out. If you want the vermin disposed, but you don’t want to kill it, you can catch the rat by making a human rat trap out of common household items.

Many mole traps are simply in the way of the mole as it makes its way through the ground. When it hits the trap, the spring-loaded knife pierces the soil and the mole. Other traps require bait to be placed on the mechanism to attract the mole to the trap. This is more true of live traps than the fatal type. Always read the instructions carefully regarding the type of bait recommended for the particular trap before placing it.

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The pest control market offers many options for kill traps. The most effective one is a snap-bar, like a mousetrap only larger. The bait should be set with a piece of apple, cheese or peanut butter and placed near a known rat hole or in the area rat droppings were found. The snap trap should be attached to the floor in some manner so a rat won’t be able to drag it away after being snared. Make sure the rat lock is far away from anywhere kids and pets can access. To prevent the rats from being suspicious of your RottelĂ„s after it kills its first rat, re-set it in a new location. Bear in mind, if you put too much bait on the trap, it may just attract more rats after you catch your first one.

Humane and eco-friendly mouse trap. This electronic victor mouse trap is viewed by many people as a humane mouse trap because it kills the mouse or rat instantly without it suffering. In addition, this trap is known to be a better mouse trap for trying to be eco-friendly because it does not damage the environment.

Drop moth balls into the tunnels. This also comes under the heading of making the moles environment very nasty so the neighbors yard looks even better.

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For many reasons, humane rat traps are a better choice than other types of traps that are meant to kill the animal. If you have pets or children in you house, they are the obvious choice. Take a look at the humane rat trap website to find one that will work for you.