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If you are looking for an amway product catalog, there are numerous places to find it, like when you register with amway. There is a product catalog or list that amway supplies you with when you start up with them.

Sportscar legend Lotus is taking its racing program to the next level. Lotus Group scott levy fuel Dany Bahar announced at the Los Angeles Auto Show on November 18 that the racing program will build a race car for Indianapolis 500 competition with a special Lotus engine. He added the goal of a special Lotus designed chassis for 2012 season.

When we read of the 45,000 who die every year because they cannot afford health care, we see wrong and try to right it, we see suffering and try to heal it, we see war and try to stop it.

We have settled for cheaper products. We have shot ourselves in the foot. We went form the building industry, to a service industry and now we are just a nation of consumers. A nation of consumers can not survive on it’s own. It has no foundation to stand on and that is where we are now.

Keep a written record on each employee. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a folder where you can jot down notes when Sally does something exceptional or when you have to discuss Bob’s tardiness. Keep copies of any “attaboys” your staff gets, too. It’s easy to forget things that happened eleven months ago and then end up basing the evaluation on the work of the past month.

They then complained about low growth, no profits and blamed the economy for their problems. I felt better at that point with their clearly powerful and insightful analysis. Clearly they were Dunderheads. These CEOs did not make the connection that planning helps you deal with the economy and the issues that challenge your business. I am getting my pointed stick dipped in organic monkey dung to deal with these guys. It is organic dung because they are CEOs after all.

A month before evaluations are due, write up a “brag sheet” about yourself and send it to your boss. List all your accomplishments over the past year and the projects you have lined up for the coming year. If you want to ask for some special training or for more responsibility, this is the time to do it. Add a paragraph about how learning to write effective business correspondence or how to design direct mail brochures would help you do your job better and how it would benefit the company.

If only academia would provide these 10 topics in their curriculum, all organizations would benefit by having a greater workforce that would be committed to their mission.