How To Plan Your Upper Body Workout

Exercise and weight loss tricks combined give you a powerful combination to lose weight quick. I’m going to show you how to drop 5 pounds like it was nothing. It’s very simple. If you’re overweight, this is your recipe for success.

After deciding on the exercises, it’s important to learn how to do them correctly. There are various resources that can help you to do this. Books, DVDs, health clubs, and YMCA’s all offer directions for using proper exercise form.

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Try making one small change a week. Increase the amount you exercise gradually to avoid overwhelming yourself and possibly quitting. Begin week one walking for 10 minutes and week two walk for 15 minutes, and so on.

3) Keep you away from diseases – It is well known that fruits, vegetables and whole grains contain anti oxidants and fibres. The more colorful your diet is, the more high nutrition your body gets.

Push Ups: This exercise is a staple of body weight training. The benefits are numerous. When you do push ups you work your whole upper body especially the chest, shoulders and upper arms. By switching your hand position from wide grip to closer together you will hit different parts of the upper body. Because you are exerting yourself so much while doing push ups, it really kick starts your metabolism and gets your fat loss going.

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