How To Make Your French Kiss Real

A marriage will have a certain routine when both are together for a long time. The truth is with the pressure that we have in our life today, a marriage can get boring with no excitement especially doing the same routine everyday. Perhaps, you will start to complain, “My marriage is boring! I am really bored” On the other hand, you feel that you still love your partner but you just cannot feel the spark in the relationship. The attachment is not as strong as before and communication seems to be lesser.

Try to talk it out with your partner and don’t keep secrets just for the sake of having one. If it concerns the both of you then it would only be right to let them know about it. Big relationship problems always start out with small details so you better nip it in the bud before it starts to grow on the both of you.

Relying too much on a first idea of perhaps something he said, or something she did, can be misleading. Most of the time people are unaware of the signs they are putting out, and how they’re received. Sometimes things are perceived in a different way than what was intended. Not only can your first notion be wrong, but people can change.

A book. Any book will do. But you need a book. Long journeys can be boring. Break them up by reading trashy Jackie Collins/intense Frederick Forsyth/rubbish love stories/Sexoservidoras en Guadalajara novels/thrillers/any old rubbish.

Love grows at the border of support and challenge, but when challenge turns to emotional bullying, criticism or repeated ingratitude, almost like a habit, it’s time to push back. If the push back is done without emotion, it will not be welcome but it will be accepted. If the push back is done with emotion it will not be welcome and it will be rejected. The longer we leave push back, the more emotion we’ll have and so, it’s better to draw lines in the sand on an everyday basis than to be thinking short term, acting long term.

If you have copies of the old Phase I and Phase II Environmental reports, include them as well. They will not be current, but could nonetheless help the lender in knowing when the property was last judged to be free from hazards.

Over the next week, listen to how you are talking to yourself and watch what the movie in your head is playing. Pay careful attention to the words you use and the images you show yourself. Are you telling yourself that you are or aren’t good enough? That you do or don’t deserve it? That you can or can’t achieve that goal? Is your inner movie playing scenarios of future failure or success? Or is it showing a never-ending highlight reel of the past? Is the highlight reel positive or negative? What future expectations are you seeing?