Hold A Child’s Birthday Party For Charity

Cover songs are tricky. They’re either a hit or miss. Some become more popular than the original; some will never come close to the original; some are virtually unknown or have only been performed once.

2) You can finally get out of the employee-employer relationship. You can turn in your name badge and forget about punching the time clock daily. There is a great deal of responsibility that comes with being your own boss. As you no longer have someone breathing down your neck you now have to find your inner motivation. Make sure that you are completing your work during the hours allotted and keeping your personal items for your personal time.

Approach your local TV and radio stations and get on the air with your raffle. Either bring the car or bike to them or have them come to you. It’s a good story…”Local Non-reputable local charities for Farm Education to raffle off a brand new Harley Davidson!” You might be surprised who says yes to helping you promote the raffle.

The most effective sales pitch you can make is not the one that is made by you at all. It is the one that comes from what reputable local charities your customers say about you.

Tell your child stories of real life heroes! Did you hear on the news about a heroic fireman who saved a family? Make that a bed time story! Your child will grow up with an appreciation of real life compassionate individuals.

This week the Cat Depot, one of the nation’s largest nonprofit no-kill cat adoption centers located in Sarasota, Fla., sent its Emergency Rescue Team to Joplin. Dedication is this team’s middle name. According to executive director, Shelley Thayer, the Cat Depot rescue team, which includes five women and two men, spent their first night sleeping on the floor of the Joplin Humane Society.

Albom chose to help out the Pilgrim Church (also known as I am My Brother’s Keeper), located at 1435 Brainard Street in Detroit. He said there was a huge hole in the roof, which allowed rain and snow to pour in. “They built a plastic tent inside the church,” the columnist and radio host said. That’s when Albom met the pastor, a man by the name of Henry Covington.

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