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Influence, we all desire and aspire to the place where we can influence people. We want to be to have some input into other people’s lives. Hopefully we desire to have a positive influence in people’s lives. Parents influence their children. Teachers influence their students. Supervisors influence their workers. Friends influence their friends. Influence is a very powerful commodity in this world of ours.

Why are some people so successful and wealthy whereas others fail to make anything of their lives? Those are questions that people often ask silently within themselves. What makes the difference between the rich and poor; the successful and the mediocre people? Is it their education? Background? Family? How do I attract money and success?

The theme of the evening was Story Night and each couple was tasked with performing a dance that honored their most memorable year. J.R. Martinez chose 2003, the year he came close to death while serving in Iraq. Less than a month into his deployment J.R was sports motivational speaker the driver of a Humvee when its front tire hit a land mine. Three other soldiers with J.R. were ejected from the burning vehicle, but Martinez was trapped inside. J.R. suffered smoke inhalation and severe burns to more than 40 percent of his body. Martinez talked about that dreadful day last night on Dancing with the Stars and said…

I joined toastmasters for that reason I have a vision of what it is I want to accomplish in life. I want to spend the rest of my life making a difference in the lives of people and you can do that with great speaking skills.Toastmasters is a great place to develop realtionships as well. Through these realtionships you can network and learn things that will help you further your career and business. If you would like to work on becoming a better communicator and fear of public speaking is standing in your way here’s a thought. When you experience fear it was designed for you to act, not stand still and do nothing. I have learned that fear is another thing than can keep you from achieving your goals.

Jake: Fred Taylor is one of – if not the – most underated player of his generation. That being said, Warrick Dunn will be remembered more, not necessarily as better, but simply more remembered to begin with. Taylor got the title of “injury prone”, and despite several seasons where that applied, for the most part it is largely unjust. Warrick Dunn, with his well publicized charity efforts and penchant for breaking longer runs will be remembered more, and as such, will be thought of as better.

Second, the program had to be scalable. I am greatly influenced by a quote by the great sports motivational speaker Jim Rohn who said, “Profits are better than wages.” It’s always better to be the boss and in control of what you make than to be an employee who lacks control over his income. That statement is so very true in today’s economic climate.

So, how can we overcome that little voice inside of us that say, “you have plenty of time…do it later.” How can we create that sense of urgency when we feel so far away from the deadline? Here are three tips for getting in gear with the use of fear.

Rilke tells us that the violence, hatred, anger and the fear we face, have Love in them, if we project our Love into them. If I breath out Love and compassion, and breath in hatred, anger and judgement and accept, forgive and then release them by exhaling, I am changing my perception of them. Each act and event of every day can be felt that way, for my feelings are my prayers of Love. I change my reality by feeling. No one else can do it for me.