Facebook Profile Pictures Are All About Mom’s This Weekend!

We use the web to search out tons of information, to shop online and to connect with friends and family. And in the process criminals are trying to whack us over the head and steal from us. And they’ve become very proficient at their craft while most computer users know enough about protecting themselves today as they did 15 years ago. Which equates to not so much.

Photo Uploading – everyone loves photos, so Facebook has a nice way on how you can show off your great smiles. One is the this social profile album, a custom album made only for your setting profiles. Just click Upload button and look for your coolest photo, and in a matter of seconds you now have a great photo displayed on your profile. Another one is the photo albums; this is where you can upload up to 200 photos per album. Facebook uses a nice photo uploader that makes it easier for us users to upload our photos from PC to Facebook.

Ad placement is a very important part of social media marketing so you should experiment until you find the most effective places for ads on your site. You need to experiment with this to see which areas work best, but it’s worth the time spent!

You can either write a weekly highlight on a team player, or you can use an FBML tab to create a bio for each team superstar. If your team is enormous, it is still important to provide a glimpse into your management world and what your staff has accomplished.

2) Then use good ole Google or the search engine of your choice and search for blogs of people in your niche. You are looking for people with complementary products or services to yours. Those who are also active on social media will have links on their blogs to their setting up social profile. So what you should do is to follow them. Follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. Subscribe to their RSS feed as well and their newsletter if they have one.

This should be common sense, but it is quite prevalent on MySpace these days. About half of the profiles I see either have some annoying background color or image that makes the text practically unreadable! What is the point? If you don’t want people to read what’s on your profile, then why even have text there at all? Well, in reality, half of the people on MySpace genuinely want to read your profile, so maybe you’re not losing many fans. However, it is still one of the most annoying things on MySpace. Here’s a rule to follow – if I have to highlight any of the text to read what it says, choose something different!

Therefore, link building takes lots of time and energy before any results are seen. You definitely shouldn’t just do it for a few days and then quit. Persistence is key and targeted traffic will be your reward.