Corporate Event Planning – Planning A Meeting – Getting Started

Fannie & Freddie are being – once again – revealed as insolvent and they are progressive demanded agencies that make banks give loans to those unable to pay them back. Look where it got us already and now they are back begging for billions more in cash. Did Obama and his minions revile Freddie & Fannie? Nope. They attack Wall Street and big business, but the ills of Freddie and Fannie get barely a mention. Why? Because Freddie & Fannie are their redistribution arms for taking wealth form those who earned it and giving it to those who vote to keep progressives in office.

Leaders find ways to challenge their team to help them grow and “stretch” their capabilities – a leader knows that if he gets better, his organization will automatically follow and get better. He or she also knows that if an individual team member gets better, the entire team will benefit..

Have Your Marketing Materials Ready – Take a look at your business cards, website, brochures and any other marketing materials you plan to share at the event. Do they accurately describe your business and the services you offer? If not, spend some time re-working your materials or reach out to a graphic designer or web specialist who can give your marketing a fresh look.

Share your news and expertise with articles or speaking engagements. This may be a bit over the top for some, but if you have something unique that can be shared through a larger story where others can benefit, by all means, tell your story. Perhaps you go after and land the corporate keynote speaker spot for the next industry conference or deliver the opening address at a local community function. Or you have the ability to take your news and create a full story about it, available for download on your website.

Barack Obama and his corporate keynote speaker ardent followers are misleading us trying to replay the campaign of and again hoping the outcome then will repeat itself. Like the lie to McCain about federal funds, Obama will pay a certain ephemeral lip service to amorphous concepts that sound non-threatening, and in fact, sound inclusive and all touchy-feely. But where the rubber meets the road and the truth emerges, we see entirely different efforts and outcomes.

Whether in sales, customer service, management, a staff meeting or in safety, there are two choices that can be made on a daily basis with each and every human interaction: to be right or to be happy. But you can’t be both. Although for some, the thought of being right “makes” them very happy. That is not happiness. Happiness is not the end result of making someone else wrong and in order to be right, someone must be made wrong.

People like to know that you care about their opinion, especially during big events. It’s important to get feedback on your event. Make sure your team makes a point to reach out to attendees personally and get their opinion of the event. Not only will it help you develop a better relationship with attendees but it will help you get valuable information to plan the next event.