Blogging Beginner – How To Plan Your New Blog

Blogging is an activity which most people either enjoy or they are indifferent to it. If you are amongst those who enjoy writing and sharing your opinions… having a blog of your own can be a fun way to spend time online.

The troublesome half of “restricted budget SEO” is making a protracted-term white hat link & social profile. SEONuke and other software do a great job of emulating user behavior to make layer one links seem standard through layer 2 bookmarks and layer 3 on-demand social profile. For little businesses (locksmiths, florists, etc), the “now” factor is what keeps them in business and is sadly how these local battles are played and won. It is the short term revenue and it’s critical.

You can invite your existing Facebook friends to like the page, and confidently they, in turn, will get others to also like your business page and become fans.

Do It Yourself, Not So Quick and Easy. Before you start on Level 2, make sure you’ve started a business Explore new interests. This is crucial if you want to have good content to which others can link. And the way you’re going to get these links is through press release optimization and article marketing.

There are thousands of article directory sites but the three we just listed above are the best because these sites have millions of visitors. Therefore, they are great places to get huge exposure for your business. Try it out this strategy of getting business leads is not new but it still works wonderfully and personal blog again it is FREE!

It’s the reason why smart marketers drive traffic to their personal blog or personal fan page, instead of driving traffic to their company’s replicated site.

You might start with a free ebook on golf, before moving up to an ebook on how to improve your golf swing for $17, then you offer them access to a membership site that provides golf lessons via video (remember it could be your own site or you promote it as an affiliate) at $97 a month before finally offering private golf tuition or membership to a golf club. One customer could follow you all the way up buying over and over again.