Blog Tips – The Five Reasons For Blogging

If you haven’t yet added social bookmarking to your arsenal of marketing tools, you’ve been willfully giving away money to your competitors. Why? It’s simple: using social bookmarking is one of the easiest and fastest ways to drive traffic to your site.

Once you install this plugin it will show up under Settings in your WordPress menu. Click on this and you will be brought to a page that has eight different fields. Each of these fields relates to a different part of your blog. If you paste your Google Adsense (or other ad networks) code into these fields your ads will automatically show up in that area of your blog.

Many readers don’t know what is social bookmarking about. If you want your readers to social bookmark your post, you can write a post to teach them how to social bookmark. Once your readers learn about it, they will understand the social bookmarking button that is available on each post.

Template Fields – Here you will able to add/edit the text in your template like Heading, Text for Action Button, Sub Heading, and Paragraph etc. It’s different for every template.

The new PopUp Domination 2.0 is not just for Vidare till sidan nu now… You can now use PopUp Domination on any HTML websitewhich is really great thing for many internet marketers.

If your site is still not indexed after implementing the first two methods, start writing articles related to your niche having a link to your site, and submit them to different article directories. You should get traffic to your article within minutes after submitting the article. As you keep getting traffic, Google finds your article, crawls your article, picks up your site URL and indexes your site.

First of all, you will need an address for your site, or else how can internet users find you right? An internet address is also known as domain name. This allows you to brand your website with keywords relevant to your business or even the business name itself.

A really innovative use does not involve making money but it is a great way to keep your team ‘on the same page’. Each area can have its own level – bookkeeper, web people, va, etc. You only need to go to one place to add their content and it helps keep your business organized.