5 Things To Do Before Choosing A Home

The Cat Care Society (CCS) of Lakewood held an open house last Monday afternoon, February 28, featuring special artwork for their latest fundraiser, “Tails of the Painted Cats.” Featured at the open house were 18 cat sculptures by talented artists from around the region. These fine pieces will be showcased around the Metro area for the next few months before being auctioned off in June.

On my return, I went to the bathroom, raised the lid, and lo and behold there was another stupid squirrel! I’d like to tell you that this story has a nice little happy ending for the squirrel like the last one, but no such luck.

Baby bath products. Get them in a gift set or get baby shampoo, baby soap or bath, baby oil and baby powder and put them in a pretty basket. You could line the basket with a baby towel or baby clothes, then put the bath products on top of it. Finish off by wrapping it in cling wrap and tying a ribbon for that pretty effect.

Put craft paint on one or both of the child’s hands, and help them aim for the plate, pressing their hands all along the outer edge, with the fingers point towards the outer rim of the plate. You many need to apply more paint every few prints, so that they don’t start making handprints that are too faint. You can make the all the same color, or use several different colors of paint by number kits, layering them so that all the colors show.

Earth tones are very popular colors for any space. Earth tones bring you a little closer to the outdoors. That is something that every person who works from home could us e a little more of. Benjamin Moore has a vast list of earth tones available in their paint by number kits selection. Baked Terra Cotta is a very earthy color. Suntan bronze is a great choice as well.

This little nut-eater didn’t fare as well as his friend.You see, before I left, I poured almost half a bottle of bleach into the bowl to try to get rid of a little ring that had developed there over the years.

There is a dream within you, slowly beating away to its own rhythm. It wants to be heard. But it cannot be so if you don’t slow down your mind and your life enough, to hear it.