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In Beijing, there is the Underground City or also known as Dixiaa Cheng that is one of the tourist attractions. This is actually a shelter that was prepared against bombs. It is made up of a lot of tunnels under Beijing; the tunnels are networked. It was made in the 1970s as a means of preparation for what could have been a war with the Soviet Union. This article hopes to enlighten readers on what Beijing’s Underground City is all about.

In 1855 the Kinematascope, a stereo animation camera, was invented. It was able to create 3d motion pictures. In 1915 the first anaglyph movie was produced. Anaglyph technology used 3d glasses with 2 different color lenses that would direct an image to each eye. In William Friese-Greene a British film pioneer filed space documentaries a patent for the D movie process. In 1922 the first public 3D movie, “The Power of Love”, was displayed. In 1935 the first 3D Color movie was produced. The use of the technology would remain dormant for over a decade.

In 2010 Sky UK made a big push towards 3D television. On January 1st, the first 3D channel began broadcasting in South Korea. The channel displays educational shows, animated shows, sporting events, documentaries and musical performances all in 3D, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The freedom of being able to direct my own work is something I am very grateful for as I have not had to worry about how someone else would cast, edit, and envision my stories. As you had mentioned so much can be lost from the page to the screen by the time so many people get their hands on a script, I am blessed to be able to do my own material. Plus, when you are writing, you are with the characters for months at a time and after 6 months, you know their D.N.A. as well as where they live, what motivates them, etc, and all of this helps with casting and filming as you know the characters as you created them.

If your youngster wants to learn a martial art or indeed mixed martial arts, the first thing to do is choose which style is the one for the child. You can start doing this by watching videos on the various styles. Not films with stories where everything is sketched, but space telescopes documentary.

THE STORYBOARDS: The fourth step in developing a good reality TV show or documentary film concept, is to illustrate your point and that means creating storyboards to visualize your concept. You want to give the reader a visual feel for your reality TV show or documentary film . Do some homework on branding techniques and search for royalty free images that will help illustrate your story. If your concept is for a reality TV show or even for a documentary film or series, don’t be afraid to shoot stills with a digital camera or use stock photography to create your storyboards.

The best part of this film is that it is real. Weight loss surgery is tough and the road is bumpy and twisted and challenging. It’s tough being fat and it’s tough losing weight. Not just for the comedienne on stage – but for every person brave enough to “take the easy way out.” A definite must-see film for the LivingAfterWLS audience and the people they love.

Although this is a tourist attraction, the locals are not allowed to go inside and many of them have already forgotten about this city. Some young couples like to hide out in the tunnels and the children who enjoy the thrill of playing in the dark also hide out there. Some parts of it above the ground have been made into hotels and shopping malls. The government has made sure the Underground City is clean.